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Send secure mail

AU IT offers a solution for sending and recieving encrypted and signed e-mails, that does not base upon a single persons company signature. This solution is called eDag2, named so because it meets the demands of eDag2. Since 2005 it has been a requirement for public institutions, to be able to send and receive encrypted mails.

In this solution, you can create an email address where you can receive encrypted and signed e-mail (eg, and a functional mailbox to which the secure mail is delivered unencrypted. Mails are thus only encrypted during transport and not when they are first received by AU.

You decide who has access to this functional mailbox. For example, it may be used by a department to be able to receive secure mail for case processing.

If you need to send mail with this solution, it requires an Outlook plug-in that IT support installs. Contact your local IT support if you wish to send and receive secure mail.

Secure mail between two people

If one's company (in this case AU) has a secure mailbox, it is also possible to send secure mail between two people. This is called 'direct addressing' or 'tunnel mail' and also requires a plugin in Outlook to send. Contact your local IT support.

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