Display name

How to change your display name

You can now change your display name on mit.au.dk .

Your display name is the name which is displayed in AU’s systems, in the email sender field, in PURE, in employee lists on the website and on your personal website (PURE) – all systems using personal data from AU’s Identity Management System – IDM. However, the sender field in FirstClass will not change. FirstClass users must send an email til adm.it@au.dk if they wish to change their name in FirstClass.

If you have problems changing your display name, please send an email to adm.it@au.dk

When you log on to mit.au.dkyou will find the link to 'Skift visningsnavn' (Change display name) under 'Mine oplysninger' (My information).

You will see the name under which you are registered by AU.

To delete or add name(s), click 'Skift visningsnavn' (Change display name). Not all information in AU’s systems are synchronised immediately; it may take up to 24 hours before the display name change takes effect.

Publication name

If you need to change your name in connection with, e.g., international publications because your name contains the Danish letters æ, ø or å, you can do so in PURE. You can read how to do so here.