Mobile phones and telephony at AU

Today, AU uses an old landline telephony solution and we expect that this solution will be changed in 2020-2021.

In recent years, we have removed many more landline telephones than the number of new landline telephones we have installed. This means that we are reusing these telephones instead of buying new ones.

We expect that all current landline telephones will be phased out during the transition.

We suggest that mobile phones are used wherever possible.

Establishing a contact centre

AU uses the Miralix system as switchboard and contact centre platform.

If your unit/department wants a contact centre solution, please contact your local IT support team.

However, there are some things you should consider beforehand and some information we should then discuss. Our experts within this field will contact you in order to establish the right solution in collaboration with you.

A contact centre is an application which makes it easy to manage many calls to one or several functions/telephone numbers and then find the best qualified and available employee to ensure a quick response to the call.

Our solution offers many opportunities for us to collaborate and establish a solution that will benefit you and your users.

  • The solution could for instance include:
  • Automatic opening hours/closing hours
  • Queue function/overflow
  • Menu selection
  • Statistics
  • Etc.

If you need a contact centre solution to manage your calls, please contact your local IT support team and we will work together to find the solution that matches your needs.

How to transfer, change or cancel a mobile subscription

When a mobile telephone number needs to be cancelled or transferred from one employee to another, the following established procedures must be followed.

AU IT is able to assist with the following aspects:

  • Setting up a new mobile phone number or mobile broadband. This is done via the IT web shop.
  • Cancellation of mobile telephone number or mobile broadband should be sent to
  • You can also contact the IT secretariat by calling 8715 0912.

A number of aspects relating to the transfer or cancellation of mobile telephone numbers are not carried out by AU IT, but by AU Finance - Accounts Payable.

AU Finance - Accounts Payable can help with the following:

  • Changing a name in connection with a mobile subscription
  • Transferring a mobile subscription or a mobile broadband subscription to another person
  • Changing an EAN number in connection with a mobile subscription
  • Combining several mobile subscriptions on one invoice

If you want to make one of the changes above, please fill out this form and send it to

Any questions regarding the above or regarding invoices must be sent to or by calling: Merete M. Frandsen, 8715 2895. 

Using mobile phones abroad

Telenor and the Agency for the Modernisation of Public Administration have not entered into an agreement regarding free roaming abroad, and Aarhus University is not part of a special discount scheme which covers mobile and data traffic abroad. However, the AU subscription includes 1100 MB free data in the EU per month.

How to save data when you use your smartphone abroad

  1. Deactivate call forwarding to and from your mobile phone
  2. Deactivate data roaming
  3. Use Wi-Fi to synchronise your email and calendar
  4. Limit the use of GPS and Google Maps
  5. Limit your mobile phone’s connection to the internet Use Wi-Fi instead

Data usage abroad

If you use your smartphone abroad, there is a data usage limit. The default limit is DKK 450 per month and you will receive a text message when you have used 80% of this amount. You can increase the limit by responding to the text message you have received.

Using wireless network

Many smartphones can connect to Wi-Fi (wireless network), and it may be an advantage for you to use the hotel’s or other Wi-Fi when you are abroad. When you connect through Wi-Fi, it is usually free to download data. This means that you do not have to think about how much data you use.

How to get a data usage overview

  • iPhone
    • Press Settings
    • Press Cellular/Mobile Data
    • Scroll down to see cellular data/mobile data usage
  • Android
    • Press Settings
    • Press Data usage

How to avoid using a lot of data when you open the Facebook app on your smartphone

When you browse/scroll through Facebook, the videos in your feed use data even though you have not actively opened them to watch them. This is because they are automatically played in the background by default. By following the instructions below, you make sure that you only use data on videos you actively choose to watch.

Contact your local IT support team if you need help. 

  • Open Facebook
  • Select the three lines (in the bottom right-hand corner)
  • Select Settings
  • Select Account Settings
  • Select Videos and Photos
  • Select the second one (Auto-play)

Select the bottom one ‘Never auto-play videos

Information about subscriptions

Fixed mobile subscription: DKK 16 per month

The subscription covers:

  • Unlimited calls in Denmark (Note: Except calls to directory enquiries services, special services and charity)
  • Unlimited SMS texts and MMS messages in Denmark (Note: Except SMS texts to which extra charges apply - e.g. to special numbers such as 1212 etc).
  • Unlimited voicemail
  • 10 GB mobile data in Denmark, e.g. synchronising email and calendar and displaying websites.
  • If more than 10 GB of data is used, mobile data speed is significantly reduced the rest of the month in question. The data usage limit of 10 GB per month can be increased based on approval from your immediate manager. Contact the IT secretariat to have the data usage limit increased.

 Mobile broadband solution (for laptops/tablets. Mobile alternative to ADSL) 

  • Data package: 10 GB per month
  • Price: DKK 16 per month
  • If more than 10 GB of data is used, mobile data speed is significantly reduced the rest of the month in question. The data usage limit of 10 GB per month can be increased based on approval from your immediate manager.
  • Contact the IT secretariat to have the data usage limit increased.

See Telenor’s prices

How to increase the amount of mobile data available in connection with your subscription

It is possible to increase the amount of mobile data available in connection with your subscription. You can increase the amount of data to either: 

  • 20 GB which will cost DKK 31.10 per month
  • 50 GB which will cost DKK 35.60 per month

Follow the steps below:

  1. Have the purchase of additional mobile data approved by your immediate manager

Contact the IT secretariat. The secretariat will then help you with the purchase of additional mobile data.


Especially about eSIM

eSIM is a common term for a number of digital services that replace the physical SIM card in, for example, your mobile, smartwatch or car.

  • Price DKK 25 per month.

Please note that ordering an eSIM requires approval from your immediate supervisor.

You order an eSIM by sending your manager's approval and the information below to

  • Name
  • Phone number

About AU’s agreement on telephony

Aarhus University has entered into a supplier agreement with Telenor. The agreement runs from January 2018 to January 2020. The agreement was established as part of the Danish state’s and municipalities’ procurement services (SKI) and covers work mobile phones for employees as well as tablets/dongles (i.e. mobile telephony and mobile broadband) and landline telephony. TDC is still the telephony provider in connection with home workstations (landline broadband) and SIM cards in special technical equipment.

The Telenor subscription structure is as simple as possible in order to cover the telephony needs of the vast majority of employees. If an employee has special needs, it is also possible to meet these on a case-by-case basis.