Streaming and Recording of Lectures

On this page, you will find guides and contact information on how to stream and record lectures in auditoriums and classrooms at Aarhus BSS. The page is updated regularly as various guides and video guides are produced.  

Important info about streaming and consent from the students

As this autumn’s teaching primarily consists of a combination of physical teaching and streaming, the students will have the opportunity to be on campus in connection with parts of the teaching or to watch it from home if they are particularly vulnerable, infected or otherwise wish to do so.

In this connection, students must be informed that the teaching will be streamed and recorded and is only accessible for the associated students and teaching staff.

Streaming and recording will take place via Blackboard.

As a student, you can therefore follow the teaching either by physical presence or online.

When you participate in the physical teaching, this is seen as an expression of consent to participate in streaming or recording on your part.

If you orally raise questions or comment on questions and answers during the streamed or recorded teaching, this will also be considered an expression of participation in streaming or recording on your part.

Information material will be developed for this purpose, which will be distributed both via the Blackboard page of the individual course and via PowerPoint slides during the teaching.

Emergency numbers on location

If you need urgent technical assistance for streaming and Zoom:

Fuglesangs Allé: 87150904

Bartholins Allé: 21728751

Birk Centerpark Herning: 24866366 or 21337751