Tilde pages at NF

At the former Faculty of Science (NF) there has been a tradition for maintaining personal homepages separate from the standard homepages at the university and with urls’s based on a tilde sign and the persons unix username. In connection with the shutdown of the NF ldap the system behind these tilde pages will also close.

Instead, users with special needs for this type of personal homepages are offered to move to a new and up-to-date solution with user validation against the domain uni.au.dk.

The transfer is performed by the user and must be completed before Monday, 18. February 2019 between 10:00 and 12:00 where the existing solution will close.

Please note that the solution is made available to users from the former NF with special needs to a personal website. It is NOT recommended to use these pages for publication or distribution of scientific results. Redirections in any form is not allowed and will be removed without further notice.

To use the new solution – and thus be able to move content from the old to the new one – you must have access to the solution. Please send the information stated on this page Access the new tilde pages to get access to the new solution.

When you have been granted access you can follow this guide to the solution.