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As an employee, there are different IT services, you must use in order to improve security of data at AU. The services protect your data in a work context and AU data in general.


Quality antivirus software can protect you against virus. AU uses the antivirus software McAfee on almost all AU computers.

You need to check if McAfee is installed correctly and running on your computer. Is McAfee running on your computer, McAfee will complete a scan once a month. 


Hardware failure and virus attacks etc. often causes data loss, and such events occur more often than you might think.

You can read more about backup at AU - what you should do and what we can help you with

User information

As an employee at AU your user information is your personal data in the Medarbejderstamkort, which is used in the staff administrative systems, for display on your personal website, etc., your AU ID and in IT as password to your computer.

Information security

Aarhus University is a knowledge based company. Therefore all, who work at AU, researchers, teachers and technical and administrative staff and students must have the greatest possible focus on information security.

Read about data protection, backup, the information security policy, email behaviour, online behaviour and much more.


At Aarhus University it has been decided that all computers needs to have encryption enabled. This is due to the higher data security it gives, in case of for example your computer gets stolen.

This is because they can't get access to your data, without having your password.

New computers will automatically be encrypted when you get it. You can read more about, how you can check if your current computer is encrypted but also how to enable it by clicking here

2-step verification

2-step verification increases the security of data, by involving your smartphone in the login process. This way, you can not access an account, just by knowing the username and password.

At AU 2-step verification is used to log on a VPN connection. Before you can use 2-step verification, you must install an app on your smartphone.

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