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Mobile and telephony at AU

Transfer, change and cancellation of mobile subscription

Cancellation or transfer of mobile subscription

When a mobile telephone number needs to be cancelled or transferred from one employee to another, there are some established procedures to follow.

AU IT is able to assist with the following aspects:

  • Establishment of a new mobile phone number or mobile broadband. This is done via the IT webshop
  • Cancellation of mobile telephone number or mobile broadband should be sent to
  • You can also contact the IT Secretariat by calling 8715 0912

A number of aspects relating to the transfer or cancellation of mobile telephone numbers are not carried out by AU IT, but by AU Finance - Creditor.

AU Finance - Creditor is able to assist with the following aspects:

  • Change of name in connection with a mobile subscription
  • Transfer of telephones or mobile broadband to other persons
  • Change of EAN no. in connection with a mobile subscription
  • Combining several mobile subscriptions on one invoice

If you wish to make one of the changes above, please fill out this form and send it to

Questions to the above or invoices should be sent to or by calling one of the following contacts: Henrik Baunsgaard on +45 8715 3468 or Merete M. Frandsen on +45 8715 2895


Use of phone abroad

Aarhus University offers very attractive deals on mobile and data traffic in Denmark, we do not offer discount on mobile and data traffic abroad. Staff members must take a number of precautions when bringing their mobile phones abroad, in order to avoid any surprises on their mobile phone bill. The subscription contains 1100 MB of data in the EU per month

It is a good idea to:

  • deactivate call forwarding to and from your mobile when abroad.
  • deactivate data roaming when abroad.
  • make sure that your email and calendar do not synchronise abroad.
  • limit the use of GPS and Google Maps abroad.
  • limit you mobile phone's connection to the internet. Use the wireless internet available at your hotel or elsewhere instead.

AU IT is happy to help, so if you need assistance with adjusting any of these settings, feel free to contact IT support. Find contact information to the right.  

Use of data abroad  

If you use your smartphone abroad there is a default limit of 360 kr. per month. Telenor will send you a text message when you are close to your limit. You can raise the limit by answering the text message.

NB! The text message from Telenor is only in Danish.   

Please notice the high rates for data use abroad. Instead we encourage you to use the hotels or other wifi at your destination. 

Use of wifi

Many smartphones can connect to wifi (wireless network or hotspot) and you can - with advantage - use the hotels or other wifi when you are abroad. When you connect to wifi it is often free to download data.

Get an overview of how much data you use by downloading a data counter i Android Marked or Apple App-store.


How to order a mobile phone

You can order a new mobile phone/smart phone via the IT webshop.

Find your IT webshop here.

About AU's telephone agreement

Aarhus University uses Telenor as tele service provider, based on a contract running from January 2018 until January 2020. The contract is part of "Statens og Kommunernes Indkøb (SKI)" and include the employee's employer paid mobile phones and -tablets/dongles (i.e. mobile telephony and mobile broadband) along with landline telephony. Regarding home office (fixed-line broadband) and SIM cards in special technical equipment, TDC are still AU's tele services provider.

The composition of Telenor subscriptions is made as simple and foreseeable as possible, and covers the vast majority of employees' needs. If some employees have special needs, it will be possible to meet these demands individually. Read more about the composition of subscriptions and prices here.

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