Business Intelligence, AU Finance and Estates

Business Intelligence develops data warehouse and business intelligence solutions for the entire university. This includes management reports to support decision-making, reports to support operations and tools for analysis.

Business Intelligence also works to promote a shared conceptual framework and definitions to be used in connection with reporting.

Employees in Business Intelligence

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Alsbjerg, Jørn Systems Consultant +4530316764 1918, 229
Azzam, Tareq Business Intelligence Developer +4593521777 1918, 229
Egerod Leth, Astrid IT Project Manager +4593508220 1918, 241
Kristiansen, Pernille !!BI-konsulent +4593521337 1918, 229
Lynge, Bjarne BI Consultant +4521337922 1918, 229
Madsen, Allan Special Consultant 1918, 229
Mikkelsen, Joachim Lisager Business Intelligence Devolper 1918, 229
Tsutsumanov, Petko Business Intelligence Developer +4593508889 1918, 229
Weidel, Eva Special Consultant +4561928514 1918, 229