AU Research Support and External Relations

AU Research Support and External Relations consists of the Research Support Office, Talent Development, Events and Communication Support, Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer as well as a secretariat.

Units in AU Research Support and External Relations


The Secretariat supports the deputy director in the management of the area.

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Research Support Office

The Research Support Office is organised into four teams: Proposal Development, Project Management, Strategy and Internal Support. Work focuses on strategy, fundraising, bibliometry, project administration etc.

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Events and Communication Support

Events and Communication Support consists of several teams: Work focuses, for example, on major events at the university (annual celebration, conferences), the recruitment of students (including U-days), profiling and reputation, conference assistance and special services such as photography, graphics, videos, language services, university history etc.

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Talent Development

Talent Development is organised into two teams: Talent and Mobility. The Talent team works with the PhD area, including legislation, servicing of the heads of the Aarhus University graduate schools, PhD planner, the national PhD council, AUFF pools etc. The Mobility team provides guidance and services for incoming guests, staff and PhD students.

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Technology Transfer Office

The Technology Transfer Office consists of three teams: Contracts, Health Contracts and Commercialization. We work on developing the university's relations with the business community in connection with contract negotiation, advise the academic staff on the regulation of personal data in connection with research projects and commercialization of inventions and software, etc.

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