Talent Development, AU Research Support and External Relations

Tasks of the unit

Talent Development is organised into two teams: Talent and Mobility. The Talent team works with the PhD area, including legislation, servicing of the heads of the Aarhus University graduate schools, PhD planner, the national PhD council, AUFF pools etc. The Mobility team provides guidance and services for international researchers. Our major focus areas are University International Club, Expat Partner Programme, Relocation Service for researchers and accompanying families, on boarding services for researchers and PhD students, and Guest Researcher Support.

Employees in Talent Development

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Alarcón, Maria Student Worker mda@au.dk 1910, 215
Bhushan, Vibhuti International Coordinator vibh@au.dk +4593522140 1910, 116
Bjørke, Oda Student Worker odabj@au.dk +4587153623 1911, 215
Chor, Jane Advisor jchor@au.dk +4521656715 1910, 116
Kristensen, Stine Birk Advisor for Talent Development stinebk@au.dk +4525563742 1911, 215
Langer, Anne Pletschette International Coordinator and Web Editor apl@au.dk +4593521661 1911, 215
Lauridsen, Tina Secretary til@au.dk +4593522077 1910, 111
Lietzen, Anne Have International Coordinator lietzen@au.dk +4587153264 1911, 215
Pedersen, Inge Aachmann !!Guest Researcher Supporter iap@au.dk +4587153603 1911, 215
Pedersen, Vibeke Tyrre International staff and mobility advisor vtp@au.dk +4540878974 1910, 116
Reeh, Mathilde Brøndum Student Worker mreeh@au.dk +4587153623 1911, 215
Rumohr, Catrine !!PhD Career Consultant & Expat Partner Advisor cr@au.dk +4593508903 1911, 215
Røgild, Jette Special Consultant jer@au.dk +4587152604 1911, 215
Skydsgaard, Marie Vorre Expat Partner Advisor marievorre@au.dk +4593508977 1910, 116
Topelmann-Weder, Lisa International staff and mobility advisor lisatw@au.dk +4525580670 1910, 116
Trifiletti, Daniela UIC Coordinator d.t@au.dk +4542485787 1910, 116
Winther, Michael Division Manager mw@au.dk +4587152558 1910, 116A
Østergaard Le, Tove Special Consultant toe@au.dk +4587152607 1910, 116