International Office, AU Student Administration and Services

The International Office is involved in the recruitment, welcoming and provision of information and services to exchange students and international students enrolled on full degree programmes in collaboration with the faculties. It is also in charge of organising the AU Summer University. The International Office consists of two sections.

Mobility and Transnational Education

The section fulfils a cross-organisational function in relation to incoming and outgoing mobility of exchange students and the administration of scholarship and exchange programmes. In addition, the section supports international educational cooperation and operates a help desk for international students.


The section is responsible for housing services for all international target groups and operates a help desk for those looking for accommodation.

Employees in International Office

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Andersen, Catherina Abildgaard Administrator +4587153627 1650
Andersen, Jakob Kastrup Student Worker 1650
Bak-Nyhus, Anders Student Worker 1650
Bigum, Mette +4587153128 1652, 119
Brandenborg, Mette Head of Section +4587152554 1651, 114
Dalsgaard, Birgitte Pauline Accounts Clerk +4587153129 1652, 115
Eriksen, Trine Høj International Coordinator +4587152552 1651, 124
Foldager, Gitte Bindzus Marketing Coordinator +4587152557 1651, 112
Fuchs, Peter Alexander Student Worker
Gram, Sarah International Communications and Marketing Coordinator +4528992579 1650
Immersen, Mathias International Coordinator +4587152603 1652, 117
Jensen, Karen Special Consultant +4587152585 1650, 112
Karadas, Dogan Can Student Worker
Krab, Juliane Kirchner Student Worker 1650
Kreuzfeldt, Pernille Hjørnholm Student Worker 1650
Larsen, Sanne Overgaard Administrator
Lind, Marie Louise Folkmann Student Worker 1650
Mortensen, Tine Fredsø International Coordinator +4587153617 1651, 120
Nielsen, Rikke International Manager +4525563644 1652, 120
Nørgaard Henneberg, Kaja Head of Section +4587152549 1652, 126
Pedersen, Sofie Lindschouw Student Worker
Poulsen, Aviaja Kjær Student Worker 1650
Rosenbeck, Katrine Breum Special Consultant +4528992592
Seiersen, Helle Colding International Coordinator +4587152547 1651, 111
Skovborg, Lotte International Coordinator +4587165237 1650, 118
Storm Olin, Troels +4587153716 1651, 120
Sørensen, Bente Broch Member of Administrative Staff +4587153649 1651, 116
Sørensen, Dorte Føns Project Manager +4587152591 1651, 113
Veirup, Tina International Coordinator +4587153621 1651, 120
Vestergaard, Hellen Maria +4587153604 1650, 116
Villadsen, Lena Melchior International Coordinator +4587153291 1650
Woer, Mia Student Worker 1650
Åberg, Terese Toft Student Worker
Eaton, Sara Ølholm +4587152429 1651, 115