Secretariat, AU Student Administration and Services

Tasks of the Secretariat

  • coordinates internal processes
  • supports budget planning in cooperation with AU Finance and Estates Project and Development
  • acts as a link to external clients
  • provides secretariat services to the management team in AU Student Administration and Services
  • is responsible for registering holidays and other types of absence and for purchasing office supplies

Employees in the Secretariat

Name Job title Email Phone Mobile Building
Aharrar, Radia Senior Administrative Assistant +4593522363 1445, 435
Andersen, Jakob Bay Granzow Student Worker 1445, 412B
Kærsvang, Emma Louise Student Worker 1445, 235
Maigaard, Anna Bak Deputy director +4520412740
Osbahr, Signe Member of Staff +4529453695 1448, 317