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Microfunding for PhD students and researchers

What is microfunding?

The Aarhus University Research Foundation offers microfunding in order to help international PhD students and researchers who have economic constraints with their move to Denmark. The funding is targeted at applicants from low-income countries.

The intention of microfunding is to cover costs before and in the beginning of a research stay at AU. The funds will typically be used to cover costs related to travel to obtain visas, travel to Aarhus, deposits for housing and pre-paid rent.

Due to Danish Tax regulations it is very important that the applicant receives the money before they move to and registration in Denmark.

Who can apply

The funding is targeted at applicants from low-income countries as defined by the Danish Tax Council’s list of developing countries.

One must not have lived in a European country immediately prior to the time of application.

To “be living” in a European country is defined as either

  • To be registered in the country with an official address


  • To stay in the country for more than 3 months

The funding is for people who are not able to cover the considerable costs associated with a move to Denmark. 

The department/supervisor applies on behalf of the PhD student/researcher and the application is based on the supervisor’s/department’s assessment of whether the PhD student/researcher needs the funding.

The department can apply on behalf of PhD students and researchers at postdoc, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor level. It is a requirement that the PhD student/researcher has a written agreement of full or part time employment at AU.

It is required that the PhD student/researchers has already accepted the employment at AU, and that he/she can contribute significantly to the research at AU.


In 2018 up to DKK 200,000 will be available in microfunding for eligible applicants.

Amount for individual applicants: DKK 25,000.

Application process

The department/supervisor applies on behalf of the PhD student/researcher via the application form. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

An application can be submitted when a contract is signed or an offer of employment is confirmed. It is important to apply soonest possible to have the application processed and the funding transferred before the applicant moves to Denmark.

The application must be approved by the department and signed by the head of department or the head of the research unit.

Please attach the signed contract or acceptance of offer of employment at AU.

The application and attachment must be submitted to:

The expected processing time is 2 weeks. If the application is approved, the funding will be transferred to the applicant’s foreign bank account.

Download application form (Word file)

Download application form (PDF file)


For additional information regarding microfunding and the application proces, please contact:

Ms. Tove Østergaard Le


Phone: (+45) 8715 2607 /M: (+45) 2162 4921

309751 / i40