Projct Management of Coordinator/complex projects

The Research Support Office offers professional services and support for project management. This makes it possible for you as a researcher to focus on the scientific aspects of the project and leave the bureaucracy to us.

Professional project administration is an important factor for the EU and other high-profile, externally financed research projects, and is thereby a crucial element of successful research project implementation.

Large and complex projects are becoming even more complex. The project manager must be in control of a multitude of terms and conditions, legal obligations, schedules and costs, and has limited resources available.

It is therefore important that the project manager makes use of the support services in the early stages of the project to minimise the risk of delays in the project schedule, of exceeding the budget or of mistakes in connection with reporting during the entire project cycle. 

Efficient project management:
In order to ensure efficient execution of project activities and quality assurance of reports, the The Coordinator Project management team offers a complete service package, including consultancy services for you and your consortium partners. This ensures that the project will be monitored, reports will be submitted and the project will be completed on time. It will also ensure that the budget is on track, and that the funder’s specifications and requirements are met. This is done in close cooperation between the researcher, the project participants and the Research Support Office.

The Coordinator Project management team supports you and offers consultancy services during the following phases

  • Contract negotiations (free of charge) – coordinator and partner
  • Financial management (consortium and partners
  • Reporting to the EU Commission (consortium and partners)
  • Support for monitoring project activities (coordinator)
  • Support for organising project meetings (consortium)
  • Communication with the funder (consortium and partners)
  • Ongoing follow-up and quality control of reports etc.

Our support services cover EU coordinator projects Horizon Europe, H2020, COST, INTERREG, IMI og DG SANCO.

What are the advantages of using the Coordinator Project management team?

  • One point of contact
  • Project administration from A to Z
  • Information about possible problems and project delays
  • Compliance with deadlines during the entire project life cycle
  • Necessary measures will be initiated to monitor and solve the problems which occur
  • Support to ensure compliance with the project plan and budget
  • Quality control of reports and ensuring that reports comply with the EU Commission’s and other funders’ specifications 
  • You will receive a well-designed, customised support package which suits your individual needs.
  • The administrative burden will be reduced, and you will have more time for research.