Seminars and courses

Aarhus University places a high priority on integrating instruction in responsible conduct of research and freedom of research into its degree programmes. These issues are integrated into courses and academic supervision at Bachelor’s and Master’s degree level, and all faculties offer mandatory PhD courses on the responsible conduct of research. Topics covered in these courses include

  • Principles and values of research integrity and ethics
  • The terminology of RCR and Research misconduct
  • FFP (Fabrication, Falsification, Plagiarism)
  • How to avoid plagiarism
  • Guidelines and dilemmas in relation to authorship and publication, and dispute resolution.
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Institutional procedures for handling suspected cases of errors in research and questionable research practices.

A primary objective of teaching responsible conduct of research at Aarhus University is to ensure that the principles for research integrity and responsible conduct of research are reflected on and discussed on a daily basis, and that they characterise the university’s academic culture, from student to professor.

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