Funding for innovation

Funding for innovation

Down below you will find several opportunities for funding - these are only a selection of the possibilities you have as a researcher. The different grants vary in terms such as: application requirements, frequency, size and obligations. If you are looking for further information - please contact one of our business developers.

AcceleraceAcceleraceAccelerace is one of the world's leading accelerators. They are able to help spin-out companies with mentoring, training and investments.Accelerace website
EUHorizon 2020Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) – in addition to the private investment that this money will attract. It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.Horizon 2020 website
Danish Foundation for EntrepreneurshipMicrograntTargeted PhD students. Offers small financial support for students' early start-up of their own businessMicrogrant website
Innovation Fund DenmarkInnoBoosterThrough InnoBooster Innovation Fund Denmark invests i development projects driven by small and medium-sized companies with up to 250 employees (SMV), entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial researchers who has a CVR-number.  InnoBooster website
Innovation Fund DenmarkInnoExplorerThe InnoExplorer programme is intended for research with a commercial or societal potential, where there is a need to clarify or mature, before it can go to market. Please note, that this programme cannot be applied for if there is already a CVR-number.

InnoExplorer website

Application guideline

Innovation Fund DenmarkInnoFounder InnoFounder is a 12 month long programme with the purpose to accelerate the development of your entrepreneurial idea from the early phases to a stage, where you are ready to go to market and find investments. The programme is open to all subject areas as long as the idea is innovative and has the potential to create a sustainable business.InnoFounder website
Innovation Fund DenmarkInnoFounder GraduateInnoFounder is a 12 month long programme med the purpose to accelerate the development of your entrepreneurial idea from the early phases to a stage, where you are ready to go to market og find investments. The programme is open to all subject areas as long as the idea is innovative and as the potential to create a sustainable business.  InnoFounder website
Innovation Fund DenmarkGrand SolutionsGrand Solutions is targeted towards collaborative projects based on excellent research with a sharp focus on solutions of great value for the danish society. On the basis of the challenges and innovation needs of society and  the businesses, Grand Solutions gives an opportunity to establish transverse investments in institutions of knowledge and bot private and public sector companies.Grand Solutions website
Innovation Fund DenmarkIndustrial Researcher (Industrial PhD)

An industrial PhD is a three-year long vocational research-project and PhD-education. The project is accomplished through a collaboration between a company, an Industrial PhD candidate and a university. An Industrial PhD-student is employed with salary in the private company og enrolled at the university. The student shares his/her time between the company and the university, and uses all of his/her time on the Industrial PhD-project.

The company and the university receives an economic subsidy from Innovation Fund Denmark to cover their expenses.

Industrial Researcher website
Innovation Fund DenmarkIndustrial Researcher (Industrial PostDoc)

An Industrial PostDoc is a collaboration between an Industrial PostDoc, a company and a public research-institution concerning the solution of tangible research tasks. An Industrial PostDoc is employed in the private company og collaborates with the research-institution. The Industrial PostDoc is employed with salary in the company during the project.

The company and the research-institution both makes a mentor available for the Industrial PostDoc.

Industrial Researcher website
Lundbeck FoundationLundbeck FoundationThe Lundbeck Foundation distributes approximately 500 mio. DKK yearly, to research that is based in Denmark within the health sciences. It primarily focuses on the brain. This represents the foundation for the vision of the fund to create better lives through new knowledge.  Lundbeck Foundation website
Lundbeck FoundationLundbeck Foundation EmergeThe Lundbeck Foundation Emerge focuses on early investments and supports commercialization of groundbreaking science within biotec though investment and active interaction.Lundbeck Foundation Emerge website
Novo Nordisk FoundationPioneer Innovator GrantThe fund is established to accelerate commercialization of research findings within the health sciences.Novo Nordisk Foundation
Novo Nordisk FoundationDistinguished Innovator GrantThe purpose of the program is to stimulate entrepreneurship by allowing researchers in Life Science to explore the commercial potential of a possible invention while staying in academia.Novo Nordisk Foundation
BioInnovation InstituteBII Creation HouseBII Creation House supports Danish life-science start-ups who builds on a scientific idea or technology and has achieved technical proof of concept. The purpose of the investments is to accelerate the development of new products or services that has a commercial potential within bio-medicine, medicinal technology and bio-technology.BII Creation House website
BioInnovation Institute BII VentureLabVentureLab is the newest BII program. The focus of the program is on newly estalished start-ups, that are still missing several basic competences. The program comes with a 4 mio. DKK convertible loan.BII VentureLab