Business collaboration and innovation at Aarhus University

Aarhus University focuses its efforts on business collaboration and innovation and aims to create growth and development in all of society by:

  • creating an excellent framework for collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Aarhus University, including ensuring the necessary funding.
  • forging greater visibility, overview and accessibility for external stakeholders across faculties and academic groups.
  • contributing to and accelerating cultural change towards the entrepreneurial university in which business collaboration and innovation are a natural and equal part of university life.

The business initiative at Aarhus University takes its outset in Strategy 2025 and is rooted in strategic focus on collaboration:

  • Contributing to society’s development and prosperity
  • Graduates for the labour market of the future 

New ‘partner house’ on campus for collaboration partners

- Buildings

In 2025, a new partner house for SMEs and organisations and foundations that collaborate with Aarhus University will open its doors in the University City – bringing external partners even closer to the university’s research and knowledge.

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