For staff members



Update 16 March at 7:00 pm

The VPN network is now fully operational. This means that both employees and students can now access and use the network without problems. 

Out of consideration for information security, we encourage all employees to use the VPN network when working from home.

  • When you log on to the virtual private network (VPN), it’s like working at your AU office: you have the same level of protection. In other words, your internet connection is encrypted – making it invisible. Nobody can monitor what you’re doing.
  • So please use the VPN as much as possible when working from home.
  • The VPN might cause a few problems (at online meetings, for instance). But all you have to do is log off temporarily, and log on again when your meeting is over. 
  • For more information about the VPN

Read IT Security: Important information for everyone working from home

Update 13 March at 4:15 pm

AU now expands its VPN solution’s capacity. If you experience problems in connection with the expansion of AU’s VPN solution, please restart your computer and log on again.

The system will be expanded today Friday at 17:00.

Update 12 March at 7:00 pm

AU IT is still working hard to increase the capacity of our VPN network. Unfortunately, however, we still anticipate that there will be capacity problems tomorrow, Friday 13 March. For this reason, it is still important that you only use the VPN network when absolutely necessary, and that you log out when you are finished using the VPN.

You also need to log off VPN if you want to hold video conference meetings or use streaming services. Both of these use VPN capacity, and the quality of the video conference meeting/streaming service will be poorer if you’re still logged on to the VPN network.

Update 12 March at 12:00 pm

AU’s VPN network is seeing unusually heavy traffic. We ask everyone not to log onto AU’s systems via VPN unless absolutely necessary.

We would also like to ask users to remember to log off when they are finished using the connection. If you need to connect to AU’s systems again later, connect to the VPN network again.

We ask AU students not to use the VPN for the time being.

AU IT is working to increase the capacity of the VPN network so that these restrictions won’t be necessary. When the capacity increase has been completed, we will inform you.