Covid passport guidelines

As required by the public health guidelines, students, staff guests and other persons affiliated with AU must be able to present a valid ‘Covid passport’ when participating in activities on campus. This requirement will remain in place until 1 August 2021. 

Your Covid passport is valid if you can document that you have taken one of the following forms of test:

  • A negative Covid-19 test (PCR or antigen) taken within the last 72 hours. If the test was administered more than 72 hours previously, the testing requirement will still be met if you can show documentation of two negative Covid-19 tests administered at regular intervals in the past seven days, for example day 1 and day 4. From 1 July a PCR test will be valid for 96 hours, while an antigen test will continue to be valid for 72 hours.
  • A positive result from a PCR Covid-19 test taken at least fourteen days and no more than eight months previously.
  • Documentation that you have begun a course of vaccination (at least fourteen days and no more than 42 days after the first dose).
  • Documentation of a completed course of vaccination.

Persons who have been advised not to take a PCR or antigen test for Covid-19 for medical reasons or due to a physical or mental impairment may be exempt from the testing requirement. You must be able to present documentation that you are exempt from the testing requirement. Find out how in this memo from the Danish Health Authority (In Danish Only).

Find a Covid-19 test centre


AU students and employees are encouraged to use the public Covid-19 test sites.



Participants in on-campus events must be able to present documentation of test results on request

Aarhus University as an educational institution has been authorised by the government to admit more students and employees to campus on condition that students, employees, guests and others with an affiliation with the university must document that they have been tested in accordance with public health guidelines. This is in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Documentation of Covid-19 test results may take either printed or electronic form, and the following information must be included:

  • The time and date of the test.
  • The result of the test.
  • The name of the test subject, which must correspond with their name as printed on their passport, driver’s license, health insurance card or other official form of identification. This documentation must be presented in situations in which the test subject does not use the official apps ‘Coronapas’ or ‘MinSundhed’ as documentation of a valid Covid passport.

Students, guests and others with an affiliation with AU
must be prepared to show relevant documentation in connection with random checks carried out by the university’s employees or an external security company.

As a host, you are responsible for informing your visitors about the testing guidelines.

Employees must be prepared to present relevant documentation to their immediate supervisor, who is responsible for ensuring that employees comply with the testing requirement.

To comply with the public health authorities’ testing guidelines and to ensure a safe environment for work and study for all, students, employees, guests and others with an affiliation with AU be asked to leave campus if they are unable to show the relevant documentation.