The information will be updated 26 October


General guidelines for meetings

At least until 31 October, meetings may be held in person if they are considered to be sufficiently important and can be held in compliance with the healthcare guidelines; otherwise meetings must be held online. This applies both to meetings at the university with colleagues from the same building – and to meetings with colleagues from other buildings and/or external parties, including students. Local management is responsible for deciding whether a physical meeting is appropriate based on an overall assessment of factors including the importance of the meeting and the number of participants, and whether it is safe to bring people together from many different places.

Professional and academic events 

At least until 31 October, academic events may be held in person if they are considered to be sufficiently important and can be held in compliance with the healthcare guidelines. Otherwise such events must take place online. Academic events include teaching and research-related events, such as PhD defences, assistant professor courses, research management courses, etc.  Such events may only be held with physical attendance by agreement between the event organiser and their immediate supervisor. This assessment should be made on the background of a variety of criteria, for example the importance of the event and the number of participants, in addition to the extent to which it is safe to bring people from many different places together. Alternatively, the possibility of holding the even online should be considered.

Academic events with physical attendance may only take place if it is possible to adhere to the authorities' guidelines on social distancing and hygiene.

In addition, any restrictions on gatherings must be adhered to. Currently, there is a ban on gatherings of 50+ people. However, under special circumstances, gatherings of up to 500 people may be permitted, IF:

  • the event is academic, research-related or teaching-related OR
  • participants remain seated for virtually the whole event.

Groups of up to 500 people may congregate under these special conditions until 31 October.

Guidelines are subject to change, and we recommend that you take this into account when planning events. If you are not sure whether you are allowed to hold a particular event, you should discuss the situation with your immediate supervisor.

Please note: Student associations may also hold non-social meetings and events in person if they are sufficiently important and can be held in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines. See also Guidelines for student association events 

Social events

At least until 2 January 2021, no social events for employees or students will be permitted.

See also Special guidelines for student association events.

AU's guidelines for meetings and events are based on different sets of national rules and guidelines:

Regardless of what kind of meetings or events are held AU, participants must adhere to the current guidelines on distancing and hygiene. These are as follows:

  • The authorities’ guidance to maintain a social distance of at least one metre in public must be adhered to.
  • In situations in which there is increased risk of infection through respiratory droplets, or where additional precautionary measures are advisable out of an abundance of caution, a minimum distance of at least two metres must be maintained.
  • When measuring the distance between seated persons, measurements must be taken from the middle of each chair seat, and when measuring the distance between standing/walking persons, distances must be marked on walls, floors or the like, for example at entrances and other places where queues tend to form.

The event organiser is responsible for ensuring that it is possible for participants in meetings and events to comply with these guidelines.