Extension of postdoctoral projects and assistant professorships – joint procedure based on an individual assessment

Forlængelse af postdoc og adjunktforløb - fælles håndtering ud fra individuel vurdering


The senior management team at Aarhus University has decided that challenges in completing postdoc and assistant professor projects that can be directly ascribed to COVID-19, including the physical shutdown of AU, are to be handled in accordance with the following general guidelines.

This joint procedure is based on the political agreements on the phased reopening of the country, in addition to the ‘Circular on the agreement on the possibility of extending temporary employment contracts, as a consequence of delays occurring in connection with COVID-19’.

Overall guidelines

  1. Extensions of postdoctoral projects and assistant professorships will only be granted on the condition that the project has been very severely affected by the physical shutdown. The physical shutdown alone is not sufficient grounds.
  2. Each case will be assessed individually on the background of an application. The length of the extension must be agreed on an individual basis, and as a general rule, may at a maximum correspond to the period during which the employee was sent home due to COVID-19.
  3. The university has laid down the following conditions:
  • Any extensions of postdoc and assistant professor programmes must be financed by the funder, in case of externally financed projects. It is the grant recipient’s responsibility to make an agreement with the funder. Any extensions must be approved by the head of department/school.
  • Any extensions of postdoctoral projects and assistant professorships financed by the department/school or faculty must be approved by the relevant head of department/school and financed by the department/school.

With regard to specific questions, we encourage postdocs/assistant professors who are interested in applying for an extension to contact their immediate supervisor, as well as to contact the relevant funder.