Mandatory face masks and face coverings

  • While on campus, students, employees and others must wear face masks or face coverings when moving around indoors. For example, this applies in canteens, in hallways and in other communal areas.
  • You can take off your face covering when seated in a space where maintaining social distancing is possible
  • Teachers, speakers and students normally do not need to wear a face covering in teaching and exam situations. However, see separate guidelines on preventing infection in connection with exams.
  • Face coverings should be used in practical/experimental teaching situations in which it is not possible to comply with the social distancing requirement at all times. In these contexts, students must follow the specific guidelines for the teaching situation in question.  
  • According to the Danish Health Authority, some groups of people may be exempted from the face covering requirement, for example if they have respiratory problems. Read more here to find out if this applies to you.

Employees should contact their immediate supervisor with any questions about the guidelines for face coverings. Students should contact their local studies administration office with any questions about the guidelines.