General public health guidelines for on-campus activities and behaviour

Aarhus University organises all activities in accordance with applicable public health guidelines and recommendations, including the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's basisniveau for håndtering af COVID-19 på de videregående uddannelser.

The guidelines apply to staff and students. They also apply to guests and other persons with a connection to Aarhus University.

In-person participation

Aarhus University’s campuses have been completely reopened, and all employees and students are free to come to campus on condition that they comply with the Covid-19 prevention public health guidelines.   

General information on prevention

Everyone is encouraged to follow the Danish Health Authority's general public health precautions, including:

  • practicing good hygiene.
  • airing out communal spaces frequently, if possible with cross-ventilation (conference rooms, offices, classrooms, labs, group rooms, reading rooms, etc.)
  • ensuring that contact surfaces are cleaned or sanitised after use. Disinfection products or similar is available in classrooms, meeting rooms and the like.
  • practicing social distancing where possible. Educational institutions are no longer subject to formalised social distance requirements, and there will be situations in which there is less than one metre between person. This is necessary in order for work and study to take place in person. In such cases, take extra care to comply with the other preventative measures, as recommended by the public health authorities.
  • getting vaccinated. We encourage anyone who is not yet immune from Covid-19 due to vaccination or previous infection to get tested. See the public health authorities’ guidelines fortesting
  • Comply with the public health guidelines and as well as guidelines for what to do if you have symptoms, as described below.

Please note that it is no longer a requirement to wear a mask/face shield at the university, and that it is no longer necessary to have a valid COVID passport.

Infection and symptoms

  • Employees and students should not come to campus if they feel ill and/or have mild symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Employees who test positive for Covid-19 are encouraged to inform their immediate supervisor immediately.
  • We urge students who test positive for Covid-19 encouraged to inform the studies administration office by filling out and submitting the AU coronavirus form.
  • Registering cases will enable the university to assist the Danish Patient Safety Authority in contact tracing and in handling larger outbreaks. Aarhus University respects and protects the confidentiality of your data.
  • AU encourages students and employees to use the official contact tracing app smitte|stop, which can assist with contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.

Guidance regarding at-risk groups

  • Employees in an at-risk group should discuss their situation with their immediate supervisor, who will make a concrete assessment of what steps should be taken.

  • If you are a student who belongs to a high-risk group, consult the guidelines for classes and exams

Keep updated on how to handle symptoms and infection