General public health guidelines for on-campus activities

Aarhus University will ensure that all activities that take place on campus will adhere to the applicable guidelines issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and the university will comply with all applicable guidelines from the public health authorities.

This means that all in-person activities on AU’s campuses must be planned and carried out in compliance with the following guidelines for on-campus activities.

General guidelines

Social distance requirements

  • According to the general social distancing guidelines from the Danish Health Authority, a social distance of 2 metres must be maintained wherever possible, and a minimum social distance of one metre must always be maintained.
    Exceptions to the general guidelines may be made in classroom situations involving core groups of up to 30 students (up to 50 in exceptional circumstances) and in special classroom and exam situations, for example physical exercises, clinical practice or other situations in which it is not practically possible to carry out the activity in question otherwise. When deviating from the general social distancing guidelines, it is necessary to be particularly attentive to other measures to prevent infection, such as airing out rooms.

  • When measuring the distance between seated persons, measurements must be taken from the middle of each chair seat, and when measuring the distance between standing/walking persons, distances must be marked on walls, floors or the like, for example at entrances and other places where queues tend to form.

  • Respect the guidelines for the maximum number of occupants in the room. Only one person at a time may use smaller communal spaces, for example kitchenettes, copy rooms and so on.

  • Work must be organised in a manner that allows employees to respect the two-metre rule, for example by spacing employees in several rooms or taking turns to work on campus, etc.

Infection and symptoms

  • The general rule is that neither staff nor students should come to campus if they feel sick and/or have mild symptoms of Covid-19.

  • Employees who test positive for Covid-19 are encouraged to inform their immediate supervisor immediately. Students who test positive are encouraged to notify studies administration via the AU Covid-19 form.

  • AU encourages students and employees to use the official contact tracing app smitte|stop, which can assist with contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.

Keep updated on how to handle symptoms and infection