Guidelines for student association events

On all three campuses, student associations may hold academic meetings and events if they are sufficiently important and can be held in a safe and responsible manner. More specifically, events and meetings must comply with the guidelines below. Please note that no social events may be held at least until 31 October.

  • The current ban on parties on campus will remain in force.
  • Students may only use AU facilities for student association events by agreement with the head of building services at the faculty in question (unless a different contact person has been selected). All events must comply with this event checklist. Guidelines for student-organised events:
    • All participants must adhere to the guidelines on social distancing, hygiene and group size.
    • A representative from the student association who is responsible for ensuring that guidelines are adhered to must be present at all events. This student representative also has a responsibility to shut down the event if it is not possible for participants to adhere to the guidelines.
    • A maximum of 50 participants is allowed, and events must primarily be seated.
    • Events without alcohol must end by 20:00.
    • Events with alcohol may only be held from 14:00 - 18:00 on Fridays, and no hard liquor may be served. Beer, wine, cider and the like are permitted.
    • There must be guest lists for all events.
  • The faculty in question is responsible for deciding whether a particular event may be held, and whether it is possible to make an appropriate location available.
  • In addition to the guidelines in the checklist, we generally recommend that students:
    • Limit the size of events
    • Limit participants to individual classes/year groups/degree programmes.

Student associations may hold board meetings, planning meetings and the like in their own meeting room without applying for permission from the faculty, as long as the guidelines for social distancing, hygiene and limits on room capacity are adhered to.