Guidelines for student association events

The political framework agreement of 22 March to gradually reopen Danish society sets limits on how many students the university may admit to campus at the same time. The faculty management teams, in consultation with the boards of study, is responsible for deciding which on-campus activities to prioritise.

Events of an academic nature with a social dimension may be prioritised in connection with the gradual resumption of on-campus activities. Examples include lectures, academic debates and so on. Purely social events are still not permitted – at least until 6 May 2021.

Students may only use AU facilities for student association events by agreement with the head of building services at the faculty in question (unless a different contact person has been selected). All events must comply with this event checklist. Checklist for holding student-organised events:

  • The general public health guidelines for on-campus activities must be followed.
  • A representative from the student association who is responsible for ensuring that guidelines are adhered to must be present at all events. This student representative also has a responsibility to shut down the event if it is not possible for participants to adhere to the guidelines.
  • A maximum of 50 participants is allowed, and events must primarily be seated or take place outdoors.
  • There must be guest lists for all events.
  • No alcohol may be served or consumed at events.
  • In addition to the guidelines in the checklist, we generally recommend that students:
    • Limit the size of events
    • Limit participants to individual classes/year groups/degree programmes.

In connection with the planning and holding an event approved by the faculty, student associations may meet on campus in person to the extent necessary.

A note on outdoor organised sport and club activities

According to the authorities, a maximum of 50 people may assemble in connection with organised outdoor sport and club activities. This means that up to 50 members of associations that engage in outdoor activities and sport may meet to participate in their activities, cf. the government’s press release of 18 March.