Checklist for student-organised events

Before the event:

  1. Events may only be held by agreement with the local head of building services.
  2. Event organisers must be able to account for how they will ensure that social distancing can be maintained and how contact surfaces will be sanitised, as well as adherence to other relevant guidelines, including face covering and testing requirements. 
  3. A contact person from the association who is responsible for the event must be appointed. This person is responsible for communicating and enforcing rules and guidelines. This person also has a responsibility to break up the event if at any point it becomes impossible to adhere to rules and guidelines.
  4. The head of building services is the university contact person, unless a different contact person is appointed.
  5. The maximum number of participants is 50, and the event must primarily be seated or take place outdoors. If the event is held indoors, the number of people in a room must not exceed the permitted number. For this reason, events must require participants to register in advance, to avoid too many participants showing up.
  1. If the event involves participants from different degree programmes and year groups, special care is required. In other words, event organisers must consider how the event can be held in a way that minimises contact across degree programmes and year groups. For example, participants can be divided into year groups by dividing up the room to ensure that students who take classes together sit together, or by holding a seated event with all participants facing in the same direction.

During the event:

  • The general social distancing guidelines must be adhered to at all events, and surfaces must be sanitised as prescribed. The minimum social distancing requirement still applies even if participants use PPE. The number of participants in events may never exceed a maximum of 50 people.
    • Events should primarily be seated. Alternatively, events can be held outdoors.
    • No alcohol may be served or consumed at events.
    • Participants in events are encouraged to use the Smitte|Stop app.

After the event:

  • All events must have a guest list/log of participants. This is to ensure that it is possible to document who participated in the event afterwards in connection in the event that contract tracing becomes necessary.
  • To comply with GDPR, guest lists/logs must be destroyed/deleted after 30 days.









Head of Building Services

Lars Mitens



Aarhus BSS

Head of Building Services

Peter Vestergaard Bachmann




Head of Building Services

Conor Richard O'Connor Leerhøy





Head of Building Services

Bent Lorenzen




University Director

Arnold Boon