Mandatory face masks

  • While on campus, students, employees and others must wear face masks or face shields when moving around indoors. For example, this applies in canteens, in hallways and in other communal areas. Employees and students may take the face mask and face shields off while seated.
  • For employees, there may be some areas where the face mask mandate does not apply. According to the ministry’s guidelines, the individual institution may exempt administrative buildings/areas from the face mask mandate if students, etc. do not have general access to the particular area. As an employee, you should contact your immediate supervisor for more information on where you are exempt from the face mask mandate.
  • Normally, teaching staff and speakers are not required to wear face mask or face shields when teaching, but must, as before, comply with a distancing requirement of two metres to the nearest members of the audience. However, teaching staff who teach more than two classes during a day must wear face masks or face shields in connection with teaching.
  • The Danish Health Authority has determined that some people may be exempt from wearing a face mask, e.g. people with difficulty breathing. Read more and see if you are one of them.

The current face mask mandate will apply at least until 28 February 2021.