Covid passport guidelines

All students, staff and visitors to AU must be able to present a valid Covid passport on campus, as required under the public health authorities’ guidelines.

Get more information at if you are unsure whether your Covid passport is valid, who is exempt from the Covid passport mandate and how to document your Covid passport.

AU adheres to the healthcare authorities’ guidelines for self-isolation. If you test positive (are infected), your Covid passport will remain invalid for eleven days after you test positive. If the healthcare authorities’ guidelines permit you to end your self-isolation period before this, find out here what steps you should take as an employee or student

Find a Covid-19 test centre

A list of public COVID-19 test centres is available at

You must be able to present a Covid passport on request

Students, guests and others with an affiliation with AU must be prepared to show relevant documentation in connection with random checks carried out by the university’s employees or an external security company.

As a host, you are responsible for informing your visitors about the Covid passport guidelines.

Staff can expect that random checks will be performed. Ensuring that such checks are performed is the responsibility of line management. The Danish Employee and Competence Agency has urged the university to monitor compliance by performing checks of staff Covid passports.

To comply with the public health authorities’ guidelines on Covid passports and to ensure a safe environment for work and study for all, students, employees, guests and others with an affiliation with AU be asked to leave campus if they are unable to present a valid Covid passport.