Rules for using research labs


  • Employees who feel ill and/or have mild symptoms of coronavirus infection must remain at home. Employees who have coronavirus symptoms should remain at home until they have been without symptoms for 48 hours.
  • Employees in a high-risk group should discuss what to do with their management, who will make a concrete assessment.
  • When arriving at the workplace, employees must wash or disinfect their hands.


In the lab

  • The Danish Health Authority’s instructions that a minimum distance of one metre must be maintained between people in public spaces must be followed.
  • In situations in which there is increased risk of infection through respiratory droplets, or where additional precautionary measures are advisable out of an abundance of caution, employees must maintain a minimum distance of at least two metres.
  • Users of labs must use PPE as instructed by their department, if they are involved in research that requires closer physical proximity than advised by the health authorities.
  • Use of gloves in accordance with good laboratory practice.
  • After completing work, lab users must disinfect all contact surfaces, including light switches, handles, keyboards, equipment, etc.