FAQ: Partial, limited reopening of research labs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the partial reopening of AU. The most recent update was on 27 May.

General information about the partial reopening of research laboratories, classrooms, offices, etc.

Where am I allowed to be on campus if I have been authorised to return to the university?



It is important to follow the general guidelines for the use of rooms – whether they be research laboratories, classroomsoffices, meeting rooms or common areas. Local management is responsible for drawing up detailed local guidelines and for ensuring that employees follow them.


If you have any questions about the use of rooms and facilities, please contact the head of your department.  

How many people are allowed in a laboratory and in other rooms at a time?

The Danish Health Authority’s instructions that a minimum distance of one metre must be maintained between people in public spaces must be followed at all times. In situations in which there is increased risk of infection through respiratory droplets, or where a prudence principle so dictates, a minimum distance of at least two metres must be maintained.

There will generally be posters with information on the number of people allowed in the research laboratory, classrooms, canteens and other relevant rooms.

What about cleaning?



There will be extra focus on cleaning in the rooms that reopen, as well as nearby toilets.

Risk of infection in connection with the reopening

Where do I find the guidelines for use of laboratories, classrooms, offices, etc. in Danish and English?

The guidelines are available in Danish and English on AU’s coronavirus website. The guidelines are generally also posted near the reopened rooms. Staff must also comply with the Danish Health Authority’s instructions. 

In addition, the guidelines can be downloaded in poster format on the website.

Will there be PPE for employees returning to work in the laboratories and rooms at the university?


PPE (sanitiser and gloves) will be available at the buildings and rooms that are reopened.  

If you have any questions about PPE, contact:  


If you have any other questions about PPE, contact your immediate supervisor.   

Do I have to show up at the university if I am in a high-risk group?

Local management decides the specific details for returning to the offices. If you have any special needs, this should be agreed with your immediate supervisor.


Read more about employment conditions in relation to corona virus on the HR website

What are the guidelines for the use of PPE?

PPE (sanitiser and gloves) will be available at the research laboratories, classrooms, offices, etc. that are reopened. 

See guidelines for research laboratoriesclassrooms as well as guidelines for offices, meeting rooms or common areas

If you need other kinds of PPE in addition to sanitiser and gloves, contact your immediate supervisor.  

If an employee who has been working at the university tests positive for coronavirus, what should the rest of the employees in the research group/team/department do?

Follow the health authorities’ instructions, and inform your immediate supervisor so that the situation can be dealt with. 

Classes and students

Can students gain access to the university as a result of the partial reopening?

Some students will be allowed on campus in connection with teaching and/or exam activities. Information about teaching and exams can be found on the study portals.

The reopening also includes a few Master’s thesis students with lab work. These are students whose projects are particularly dependent on access to laboratories for their completion. Master’s thesis students will be given access by agreement between the head of department and the thesis supervisor.  

Unfortunately, students who are not covered by the selected teaching and exam activities on campus still have no access to AU's buildings.

What are the guidelines for the instruction of students in the laboratory?

This is to be agreed between the department head and the thesis supervisor.   

PhD students and postdocs

Can PhD students and postdocs get access to research laboratories and office spaces under the partial reopening?

Postdocs and PhD students can return to laboratories and offices in accordance with the same guidelines as all other employees.


Is it possible to send and receive mail and parcels?

You can find information about mail and packages on the AU website