Rules for teaching and exam acitivities


  • Employees and students who feel ill and/or have mild symptoms of coronavirus infection must stay home from work. Employees and students who have coronavirus symptoms should remain at home until they have been without symptoms for 48 hours.
  • Employees in a high-risk group should discuss what to do with their management, who will make a concrete assessment.
  • Students in a high-risk group must be offered the opportunity to participate in all exams online in the 2020 spring semester.
  • If students in a high-risk group want to participate in classes on campus or participate in exams on campus, they must contact their studies administration office for assistance.
  • When arriving at the workplace, employees and students must wash or disinfect their hands.



  • The authorities’ instructions to maintain a social distance of at least one metre in public must be complied with.
  • In situations in which there is increased risk of infection through respiratory droplets, or where additional precautionary measures are is advisable out of an abundance of caution, a minimum distance of at least two metres must be maintained. This applies to the following situations:
    • In the classroom, there must be at least two metres between the teacher and the front row of students.
    • At oral exams, there must be at least two metres between the examiner/co-examiner and the examinee.
    • Physical activities such as singing or other activities that involve an increased risk of infection through respiratory droplets.
  • When measuring the distance between seated persons, measurements must be taken from the middle of each chair seat, and when measuring the distance between standing/walking persons, distances must be marked on walls, floors or the like, for example at entrances and other places where queues tend to form.
  • In connection with on-site oral exams, students may only remain in the building for a limited period of time before the exam and during the exam itself. Students must be given individual information about when to arrive at the exam location by studies administration.