Safe behaviour for teaching and other study activity on campus

When you are in the university's buildings in connection with teaching or other study activities, it is important always to follow the local guidelines. These may be printed on posters, on the floor or similar in individual buildings.

Be prepared to be asked to present a max. 72-hour-old negative Covid-19 test.

The guidelines below have been drawn up on the basis of the guidelines on responsible management of Covid-19 at institutions of higher education - LINK AVAILABLE SOON. 



When planning and executing teaching, a number of specific guidelines apply for teaching staff and students.

Before class:

  • Students should arrive at the classroom no earlier than ten minutes before class starts.
  • Be ready for random checks of your Covid-19 test result.    
  • Everyone is urged to sanitise their hands when entering buildings and rooms.
  • Avoid crowding – we ask everyone to practice social distancing, and to avoid congregating on stairs, in hallways and other places where queues tend to form.
  • Walk to the right on stairs, in hallways and other cramped spaces.
  • The next class should wait to enter a classroom/lecture hall until after the previous class sanitises the room and exits it. 
  • The first students to enter the room should seat themselves farthest from the exit, so that others can find a seat without having to push past them.

During class:

If, as the teacher, you find that it isn’t possible for you to adhere to social distancing and other infection-prevention guidelines in a teaching situation, interrupt the class. Contact the local administrative centre (studies administration or building operations and maintenance) if necessary in order to rectify the situation.

When class is over:

  • Let the people seated closest to the exit leave first.
  • Teachers should please ensure that classrooms and lecture halls are sanitised after classes. Teachers may ask students to help sanitise the room. This is especially important in relation to contact surfaces, for example tables, chairs, light switches, door handles, etc.
  • Make sure the room is aired out, and try to create as much air flow as possible when doing so.

Between classes on campus

Everyone must practice social distancing in communal areas, both inside and outside. See also the general guidelines on behaviour.

When using group rooms, study spaces and other study facilities

The individual faculty decides how students can access group rooms, study spaces and other study facilities. Students will be notified via the local studies administration office, the study portal or Blackboard.

In order to maintain a safe campus environment for everyone, it is important that you know and comply with the general guidelines for behaviour at the university when on campus in person - LINK AVAILABLE SOON.