Travel and stays abroad

The following national guidelines for travel to Denmark apply to all work-related travel as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s travel guidelines.

We ask all employees to follow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark’s travel guidelines and travel advice.

Information for the university’s international employees is available here: Coronavirus/covid-19 information for international staff at AU.

Business travel and work-related stays abroad

In connection with work-related travel or stays abroad, AU staff should be aware that many countries have introduced entry bans or entry restrictions for Danish travellers, including fully vaccinated travellers. If you are not vaccinated, you will often be subjects to restrictions and testing and self-isolation requirements, including on your return to Denmark.

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Get information on testing and self-isolation for travellers returning to Denmark

Travelling to countries with travel restrictions

Self-isolation may be required for travellers who return to Denmark from trips abroad to certain countries. Be aware that if you travel one of these countries for recreational purposes, you will not receive your salary during this self-isolation period as a general rule, unless you are able to work remotely during this period by agreement with your manager.

If you become ill with Covid after a recreational trip to a country to which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark advises against unnecessary travel, this may be considered self-inflicted illness. In this situation, absence from work due to illness will be considered lawful as a general rule, but you will not be entitled to pay while you are ill.

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During business trips, AU employees are covered by the travel insurance policy for Danish government employees (Statens Tjenesterejseforsikring) which is administered by the insurance company Europæiske. Business trips to countries to which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark advises against travelling are also covered. However, the insurance policy only applies to business trips that have been approved by the university. Find out about insurance coverage for AU staff on Europæiske’s website

If you do not return to Denmark
In the event that your manager directs you to return to Denmark and you choose not to comply with management’s instructions to end your business trip and return to Denmark immediately (or as soon as possible), your trip will be reclassified as a private trip from the time at which it would have been possible for you to travel back to Denmark. All expenses relating to the rest of your stay will subsequently be considered private expenses, and you will no longer be covered by the travel insurance policy for Danish government employees on official trips. This means that it is your responsibility to take out private travel insurance.

If you travel to your home country 
If you travel to your home country (other than Denmark) with your management’s approval because of Covid-19 and work from home (from your home country), this will be considered a private trip and not an official trip. This means that you will not be covered by the university’s travel insurance policy during your trip. We recommend that you take out your own insurance.

If you have specific questions in relation to AU travel insurance and you cannot find the answers on Europæiske’s website, please contact Anja Sandholt Hald at