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Dean Svend Hylleberg

2011.03.09 | Tomorrow's Aarhus University, Aarhus BSS, Staff

Talent development is more than graduate schools

More support for young researchers and better job opportunities after their PhD studies will contribute to developing the talent which will ensure the university’s position internationally in future, says Dean Svend Hylleberg, whose interdisciplinary focus area is talent development.

Dean Mette Thunø

2011.03.09 | Tomorrow's Aarhus University, Arts, Staff

The good degree programme

The degree programmes at Aarhus University will be even better and more flexible. Dean of Education Mette Thunø invites all staff and students to join in the debate on the good degree programme.

Dean Allan Flyvbjerg

2011.03.09 | Health, Tomorrow's Aarhus University, Staff

We must get into the limelight

No more silo mentality in an ivory tower. The university needs to share its knowledge with the community, according to Dean Allan Flyvbjerg, who is head of the interdisciplinary priority area of knowledge transfer.

Dean Brian Bech Nielsen

2011.03.09 | Tomorrow's Aarhus University, Science and Technology, Staff

The future is interdisciplinary

Large interdisciplinary research centres are to ensure Aarhus University’s position nationally and internationally in future, says Dean Brian Bech Nielsen, who is spearheading the joint focus on research.

Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard / AU Photo

2011.03.09 | Tomorrow's Aarhus University, Staff, Students

The university is holding a party

Tick off the calendar now for 17 June 2011, when Aarhus University is holding a huge party for all staff and students to mark the new organisational structure.

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