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Rick Edgeman
Ajay Kumar Jain

2012.06.26 | Staff, Education, Frontpage

Aarhus attracts overseas lecturers

Rick Edgeman from the United States and Ajay Kumar Jain from India are looking forward to teaching at this year's Summer University. In fact, they are so delighted with the opportunity to teach in Aarhus that they both applied for full-time positions at Aarhus University.

Photo: Lars Kruse/AU Communikation
Photo: Lars Kruse/AU Communikation

2012.06.30 | Staff, Frontpage, News

Visiting professors to stay with Aristotle and Kepler

Four new apartments at the Ole Rømer Observatory now ensure excellent accommodation for Aarhus University’s visiting professors from abroad.

2012.06.19 | Staff, Administrative conditions, Frontpage

Status of the transition to the new shared email and calendar system

All employees at AU are currently being moved to a new shared email and calendar system. Secure operation is a priority to AU IT, and we are scheduling the transfers at a pace which ensures that all employees will be able to get the necessary support.

Be better at getting your message across in the media. Take a course in media training. Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard/AU Communication

2012.04.17 | Course, Staff, Knowledge exchange

Get your message across – take a course in media training

AU Communication now offers three new courses in media training. Choose the course that best suits your needs.