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Personnel managers and heads of academic groups at the Department of Bioscience discussing the implementation of the new organisation. They will help create more openness and less scepticism, so that everyone actively contributes to pulling the department together.

2012.03.29 | Staff, Administrative conditions, Frontpage

Ambassadors for development

How do you use a strategy paper that looks like self-glorifying hot air for some people? Thirty-one team leaders at the Department of Bioscience are to get the new organisation to work in practice.

During March, it is free to download Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen’s 'Urban Life and Local Politics in Roman Bithynia: The Small World of Dion Chrysostomos'. Photo: Aarhus Universitetsforlag

2012.03.13 | Frontpage,

Download a new free e-book every month

Every month, the Aarhus University Press makes a new e-book freely available for the university’s students, staff and other interested individuals.

2012.03.05 | Staff, Frontpage, News

Apply for funds for competence development

It is now possible to apply for funds from the Fund of Competence for competence development of staff members at Aarhus University (courses, degree programmes, etc.). The deadline for application is on 23 March 2012.

The AU Arts and Business Building construction project 
Prorektor Søren E. Frandsen

2012.03.08 | News from the management, Staff, Frontpage

Time out in construction project

We need to 'take a deep breath' until the framework for the project falls into place, explains Pro-Rector Frandsen.