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2013.11.27 | Staff, Frontpage

Aarhus University to introduce cost-reduction measures

Aarhus University’s expenditure has continued to rise while revenues have stagnated. The university will now trim spending to address this budget deficit. At a staff briefing on 27 November, the senior management team explained why the reduction in costs is necessary.

2013.11.27 | Scientific staff, Frontpage

Rethink Aarhus 2017: First call for research projects

AU invites researchers from all four faculties to engage in six large-scale projects for rethinkIMPACTS 2017: European Capital of Culture Research Framework.

2013.11.22 | Staff, News, Frontpage

Taking a closer look at the academic development process

A thorough review of the academic development process will now take place, and the Board has adopted changes in the structure of the core activity committees and has decided to establish a new position: pro-rector for education.

2013.11.18 | Staff, Frontpage

AU Administration in English

Full speed ahead for the translation and competence development project 'English in AU Administration'. This is to ensure that international students and staff receive the English language information and service from AU Administration they require in order to function at AU.

2013.11.13 | Frontpage, Staff

New PURE courses available

PURE courses are available this autumn and winter. To begin with a number of introduction courses are offered and later more specialized courses will be available.

2013.11.12 | Staff, Frontpage

Program will make responsible conduct of research concrete

A new online learning platform for the responsible conduct of research is now available to all staff at Aarhus University. The program will be available until autumn 2014.

2013.10.25 | Frontpage

Introduction offer for new employees

All new employees at AU can order welcome package and attend a special introduction day. International staff and their partners can also get practical assistance with their move to Denmark through the ‘Getting Started in Denmark’ event.

2013.10.23 | Frontpage

Competence Fund - application deadline 6 December

You can apply for funds from the Competence Fund for competence development of staff members at AU (courses, educations, etc.). We hope to be able to reply the applicants mid-January 2014.

2013.10.25 | Scientific staff, Frontpage

Take part in the mentor scheme

What is the most targeted approach you can take to a career as a researcher at Aarhus University? The purpose of a new mentor scheme entitled ‘Empower Talent!’ is to bring young researchers together with more experienced colleagues to discuss questions like this one in more depth. You can register as either a mentor or a mentee until 15 November.

2013.10.22 | Administrative conditions, Staff, Frontpage

IT shut down postponed

The scheduled shut down of the IT systems at Aarhus University during the weekend of 26 and 27 October is postponed to January 2014.

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