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2013.10.22 | APV, Frontpage, News

Focus on stress and workload pressure in the administration

The recently approved AU Administration workplace assessment action plan is meant to reduce stress and workload pressure among the staff. Among other things, the plan focuses on management, the prioritisation of work assignments and establishing a collegiate spirit.

2013.10.03 | Conference, Staff, Frontpage

AU Knowledge Exchange Day 14. November

How do you best exchange your knowledge with collaborators outside Aarhus University (AU)? We would like to invite you and your colleagues to attend the Knowledge Exchange Day 2013.

2013.09.24 | Administrative conditions, Staff, Frontpage

New email addresses - the most important questions

In the past week, there has been some confusion about the new email addresses. Here are the answers to the most important questions about the new AU email addresses.

2013.09.16 | Course, Staff, Administrative conditions

Managing across Cultures

Get to know how to navigate in an intercultural work environment at the AU HR course on 20-21 November.

2013.09.03 | Staff, Frontpage

Welcome to AU

All new employees at Aarhus University can receive a welcome package, participate in an introductory meeting and find help online.

2013.09.03 | Staff, Frontpage

Staff Development Dialogue

In the course of the autumn Staff Development Dialogues (SDD) will be held at AU. You can learn more about what SDD is and prepare for it at

2013.09.02 | Events, Staff, Frontpage

New offer for newly arrived international PhD students and researchers

International Centre assists new international academic staff in Aarhus with getting registered and provides need-to-know on arrival information at the new orientation and registration event "Getting Started in Denmark".

AU Communication has launched a project to test the search function and assess whether it needs to be altered or improved Photo: Colourbox

2013.08.27 | Staff, News,

Are you finding what you are looking for on the AU website?

Do you normally use Google to navigate the AU website rather than AU’s own search function? If so, you should know that you are not the only one. And that is exactly why AU Communication is currently busy testing and improving the search function. This page gives you information on how the search function works, why it works and what you can do…

2013.08.19 | Staff, Students, Frontpage

Easier to use wifi

AU IT has made the wireless network, Eduroam, more secure and at the same time easier to set up. On 20 August, current users must approve a new certificate - and new users can go to to set up Eduroam automatically.

2013.08.14 | Course, Staff, Administrative conditions

Chinese course for AU researchers

AU researchers, including PhD-students, going to China are offered a preparatory Chinese course. The course consists of 4 modules and the first module begins on September 3rd. 2013. Participation in the course is free of charge.

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