40 kph on Nørrebrogade for five weeks

If you will be driving to the Aarhus campus any time in the next five weeks, be prepared for a speed limit of 40 kph on Nørrebrogade at the Vennelyst - Nørre Boulevard intersection.

2014.01.27 | Sussi Staugaard

Nørrebrogade at Aarhus University

Roadworks at the Nørrebrogade - Vennelyst Boulevard - Nørre Boulevard intersection mean changed traffic conditions and reduced speed limits. The roadworks are being done in connection with the installation of cables and pipes to prepare for the new light rail transit system.

Aarhus Vand and AffaldVarme Aarhus (the municipal water and waste/district heating utilities) will be laying cables and pipes in the Vennelyst Boulevard - Nørre Boulevard - Nørrebrogade intersection for five weeks starting on Sunday 26 January. The work will be performed in a trench ten meters wide and four meters deep along the future path of the light rail.

Changed traffic conditions and reduced speed limit

From 20.00 on Sunday 26 January to 20.00 on Sunday 9 February changed traffic conditions will apply. Lanes will be narrowed and redrawn to accommodate the broad trench. There will be two lanes in both directions during the entire period. In addition,

  • the speed limit will be reduced from 60 to 40 kph,
  • and there will be no right or left turns in the intersection for northbound traffic from Nørrebrograde.
  • The bus routes that normally run on Nørre Boulevard will also be amended.
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