Aarhus University appoints seventeen new heads of departments

With the appointment of seventeen out of twenty-six new heads of departments, Aarhus University is now one important step closer to getting the management at the four main academic areas to fall into place. The position of centre director at AU Herning has also just been filled.


Eight of the remaining nine heads of departments are expected to take up their positions by 1 September 2011, while the last position will be filled in early 2012.

Along with the deans and the vice-deans, the heads of departments make up the strategic management of the main academic areas: Arts, Science and Technology, Health Sciences and Business and Social Sciences.


  • Department of Culture and Society – Bjarke Paarup
  • Department of Aesthetics and Communication – Niels Overgaard Lehmann
  • Department of Education – Hanne Løngreen

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Science and Technology

  • Department of Animal Science – Klaus Lønne Ingvartsen
  • Department of Bioscience – Bo Riemann
  • Department of Environmental Science – Niels Kroer
  • Department of Agroecology – Erik Steen Kristensen
  • Department of Food Science – Michelle Williams
  • Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics – Erik Østergaard Jensen
  • Department of Engineering (in progress)
  • Department of Physics and Astronomy (in progress)
  • Department of Chemistry (in progress)
  • Department of Mathematics (in progress)
  • Department of Geoscience (in progress)
  • Department of Computer Science (in progress)

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  • Department of Public Health – Søren K. Kjærgaard
  • Department of Dentistry – Ellen Frandsen Lau
  • Department of Biomedicine – Thomas Gryesten Jensen
  • Department of Forensic Medicine – (in progress)

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Business and Social Sciences

  • Department of Business Communication – Christa Thomsen
  • Department of Law – Michael Steinicke
  • Department of Political Science and Government – Thomas Pallesen
  • Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences – Henrik Høgh-Olesen
  • Department of Business Administration – Karen Brunsø
  • AU Herning – Michael Evan Goodsite
  • Department of Economics and Business – (readvertised)

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