All AU credit cards will be replaced

All employees with an AU credit card will automatically receive a new credit card; the new credit card will be sent to their private address mid-June.

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Until receipt of the new credit card, the old credit card can be used. The replacement will comprise all MasterCards from Danske Bank, regardless of expiry date.

At the beginning of June, all current card holders will receive an e-mail with additional information on the replacement of credit cards. Among other things, information will be given on how it is possible to choose a PIN code of own choice for the new credit card. Additionally, information will be provided on how to proceed if you are going, or staying, abroad for a longer period of time.

The replacement takes place because the Danish state ? after a tender ? has selected SEB Kort instead of Danske Bank as its new supplier of credit cards for a period of five years

The new credit card is a Eurocard/MasterCard which can be used the same places as the current AU credit cards from Danske Bank. As always, reimbursement of credit card transactions is to take place via AURUS. 

For additional information, please contact:

  • Vibeke Pedersen ( in the Finance Secretariat under AU Finance and Planning
  • Lise K. Mortensen ( in travelgroup under AU Finance and Planning
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