All directorate manager positions at Arts have now been filled

All seven directorate manager positions at Arts have now been filled, and the new managers are all eager to begin realising the faculty's new administrative structure.

2011.06.29 | Marianne Ester Back

Henning Andersen

Henning Andersen - Head of Finance, Arts
Henning Andersen will be responsible for assisting the faculty's senior management with financial management, especially in connection with building and following up on faculty budgets. Another major responsibility for Mr Andersen will be the implementation of the university's new financial management model. He will also head the  finance department at the faculty's new administrative centre. Henning Andersen has been employed at the former Aarhus School of Business since 1983, first as administrator and department head, and most recently as budget director for ASB.

Eigil Jensen

Eigil Jensen- Head of Technical Administration, School of Business and Social Sciences and Arts
Eigil Jensen has been on staff at the former ASB since 1995 as head of Technical Administration. He has been responsible for all purchasing, construction, renovation, maintenance and operation of buildings. In his new position, Mr Jensen will be responsible for Technical Administration at two main academic areas, Business and Social Sciences and Arts. He will be responsible for strategic management of building operations and will manage technical and operations staff at both main academic areas. He will also be responsible for collecting data and information, identifying the needs of the main academic areas with regard to operation, construction and renovation, as well as handling the budget process. Mr Jensen will also participate in cross-faculty projects at AU. He graduated from Århus Teknikum in 1979 with a degree in civil engineering.

Anna Bak Maigaard

Anna Bak Maigaard - Head of Studies Administration, Arts
Anna Bak Maigaard has been employed at the former Faculty of Humanities since 2005, first as an administrator and most recently as head of section for studies administration, a position she has held since 2007. She has worked with the accreditation of degree programmes, study counselling, recruitment and administrative support to the Dean's Office. Ms Maigaard has also worked to improve coordination and communication in the studies administration department at the former Faculty of Humanities. She is looking forward to building a new studies administration organisation in Aarhus and Emdrup which will continue to offer students and academic staff a high level of competent service.

Joan Ottesgaard Petersen

Joan Ottesgaard Petersen - HR Partner Manager, Arts and AU Administration
Joan Ottesgaard Petersen will be involved in developing and implementing the partner model for HR services at Arts, where she will be responsible for quality assurance of HR services and the coordination of activities aimed at supporting the heads of department in their managerial duties.  In addition, she will coordinate the efforts of the individual HR partner and ensure a close connection between the needs of decentralised units and the activities and advisory services performed by the specialised HR functions.
Ms Petersen has been a HR consultant at the former ASB since 2004. In 2006, she became head of the Department of Language and Business Communication secretariat and assistant to the head of the department, with special focus on HR. 

Inge Nellemann

Inge Nelleman - Head of IT Support, Arts Administrative Centre, Emdrup, and AU Administration
Inge Nellemann has been employed at the IT department of the former Danish School of Education since 1998. She spent the first four years as a project manager in a development context, after which she was head of development and project management for six years and finally head of IT. Throughout her career, Ms Nelleman has focussed on the integration of IT systems, facilitating cooperation, and good collegial relationships. She is looking forward to working with colleagues and staff to ensure a high level of IT service for both the Arts Administrative Centre and AU Administration.

Signe Hvid Maribo

Signe Hvid Maribo - Head of Communications, Arts and AU Administration
Since 2008, Signe Hvis Maribo has headed ASB Media, an interdisciplinary initiative involving ICT, communication, and library services. She has been on the staff of the ICT department at ASB for some years; she initially had responsibility for language technology and later moved on to e-learning. In her new position, Ms Maribo will draw on her broad experience with communication on many different platforms and media.

Steen Weisner

Steen Weisner - Head of Talent Development, Arts
Steen Weisner comes to Arts from the former ASB, where he held the position of administrative manager of the international MBA degree programme, the "Sustainable MBA".  He has been involved with the internationalisation of degree programmes and recruitment of international students to Aarhus for a number of years. Mr Weisner is looking forward to joining the Talent Development department, which will focus on internationalisation, research and talent development, including PhD administration, support for complex international projects, and strategy development.



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