AU to clearly prioritise administrative projects

The senior management team has formalised the process of prioritising administrative projects at AU on the basis of an evaluation of their relevance.

2012.11.15 | Marianne Gammelgaard

Some of the most highly prioritised current administrative projects will be completed in 2012, while others will continue in 2013. These high-priority projects are all of broad relevance, and involve either all main academic areas, an entire main academic area or several academic areas as well as resources from the administration.

The list of the thirty-seven priority administrative projects is available in Danish here - Here you will also find information on the priorities assigned other projects at AU. The deputy directors of the administrative divisions are currently working to identify the key staff members and resources necessary to carry out these projects.

The senior management team will prioritise new projects and re-evaluate previous prioritisations  each quarter.  The next evaluation is set for 7 January 2013. The next priortisation will take into account the projects which have already been launched in 2012, as well as academic projects based at the main academic areas (strategic or development projects) which draw on administrative functions to some extent.

Ensuring effective projects

According to the senior management team, the goal of the structured prioritisation of project is to ensure that both main academic areas and the administration have a clear overview of the most important projects at AU and of the resources required to complete them.

The clear prioritisation of administrative projects is intended to ensure professional, efficient project management by ensuring that key resources are available at the right time.

Read more about prioritisation of projects at AU (in Danish)

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