AU to implement common learning platform

In the course of 2014 and 2015, the university will implement a common system for learning activities and the online handling of course material that all students will be able to recognise - regardless what the main academic area they belong to and what course they’re following. The system is called Blackboard.

2014.03.21 | Jetthe L. Revsgaard

Blackboard is AU's new digital meeting place for teachers and students. It is a so-called Learning Management System (LMS) that can provides a digital platform for teaching and contact between teachers and students outside the classroom .

Having a common system will be a great advantage for the students  rather than having to switch between learning platform when they follow courses from different degree programmes and main academic areas. In the long term, Blackboard will replace current systems such as CampusNet and FirstClass.

Blackboard can be used to communicate information about courses, as well as serving as a repository for course material and a forum for online learning and student activities. This means that learning and teaching aren’t confined to the classroom, but may take place both before and after classroom teaching with the help of the tools available on Blackboard. For teaching staff, it will also easy to distribute materials and information to the students - and students will be notified when there is new content in Blackboard from their lecturers.

Implementation in two stages

Blackboard is already in use at BSS. The other main academic areas will introduce the system in the course of 2014 and 2015.

The implementation of the system at the other main academic areas will take place in two stages, and preparations for the first stage are in full swing. This means that many students at Health, Science and Technology and Arts will have access to the system at the beginning of the autumn semester.

The second stage will take place in the 2015 spring semester 2015, when Blackboard will be extended to the entire university. Later in 2015, BSS’ Blackboard platform will be moved to the same platform as the other main academic areas. 

Local implementation projects at the main academic areas 

In order to ensure that the Blackboard platform meet the specific needs of its users across the university, project groups have been established at all three main academic areas. These groups are responsible for the introduction of Blackboard at the main academic areas.

The local projects at Health, Science and Technology and Arts will proceed according to their own implementation plans and will inform their own users about what will take place, for whom and when.

See contact information for local project managers

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