AUFF rewards bright ideas

The Aarhus University Research Foundation invites researchers to the second round of the AU IDEAS programme, which exists to help AU researchers realise particularly innovative research ideas.

2013.04.02 | AU Kommunikation

DKK 50 million in research funding is available, and researchers can either apply for support for the establishment of a pilot centre or for project development funding. The purpose of pilot centres is to test the viability of a concept for a research centre over a period of three to five years. The purpose of pilot development grants is to test the viability of ideas for new research fields and methods over a period of one to two years. Fifteen pilot centres and 30 development projects were initiated in 2011 with grants from AU IDEAS.

The deadline for applications is 28 May 2013 for projects to be launched in January 2014.

Visit for more information.

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