Changes in your payslip

In September the launch of Aarhus University’s new, joint financial management model resulted in changes in the information stated on the payslips of many employees.

2012.09.24 | AU Kommunikation

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Aarhus University is busy implementing the first phase of its new, joint financial management model, and as a result many of the university’s financial systems have been converted during August and September.

One aspect of this process is that all employees of Aarhus University have been grouped in the same category in the government wage system. Among other things, this means that the university’s official registration as an employer (for example in relation to the tax authorities) is now the same no matter where you work at the university.

Starting in September, the employer stated on the payslips of all our staff will be Aarhus University (ASB, DMU, DJF and DPU will no longer appear).

So when you check the information that Aarhus University reports to the tax authorities, please note that even though your employer up until August 2012 was ASB, DMU, DJF or DPU, your employer from September 2012 will be Aarhus University.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your payroll case manager.

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