Check your holiday overview at

Salaried employees can now check how much holiday they have remaining. You can check your holiday overview by logging on to the AU self-service site:

2014.01.17 | Jette Revsgaard

You should continue reporting absence and holiday taken to your local and holiday must continue to be reported to the staff member responsible for registering absences in your unit. But now you have the option of checking how many days of holiday and special holiday you have held and how many you have left without asking your absence administrator for help.

How to check your holiday overview:

To get an overview of the status of your holiday days, go to and log on with your user ID (AU ID or email address) and password.

If you need help, see the FAQ and the video guide

If you have any problems with your login, please contact the IT support for your main academic area.

Incorrect data can be caused by errors or delays

If you have any questions about or corrections your holiday overview, you can contact your absence administrator. Please note that errors can be caused by delays in the update. If you register your hours in ARS, there may be a delay of up to 30 days.

In case of errors in your personal data, you can contact your local HR administrative centre to correct the data: see contact information in the FAQ.