Constructive café seminars at Arts

The Dean's Office held café seminars in Aarhus and Emdrup on the future organisation of the faculty. About 150 staff and students participated in discussions with members of the implementation committees.

2011.06.29 | Ulrik Vosgerau

Students and staff engaged in lively and constructive discussion at the Dean's Office café seminars on 23 and 24 March in Aarhus and Emdrup respectively. There were 104 participants in Aarhus and 38 in Emdrup. Participants discussed the proposals in the implementation committee reports to the dean. The reports contain recommendations on the structure of centres, research programmes, degree programme committees and the involvement of staff and students in decision-making at Arts.

After the chairs of the committees presented their main conclusions, there were group discussions followed by a plenary discussion, during which staff and students asked the faculty's senior management numerous questions.
The Dean's Office will draw on notes and comments from the café seminars in the process of preparing a report containing recommendations on the future structure of the faculty. A public consultation on the report will take place after the summer holiday, before the final decision on the future organisation of the faculty is taken in September.

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Cafémøder på Arts uge 25 from Ib Jensen / Ulrik Vosgerau on Vimeo.

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