DR looking for scientists to talk about their research

DR is on the lookout for researchers who would like to talk about their special field in the nationwide morning programme on radio P4.

2011.08.17 | AU Kommunikation

Morning programme on radio P4 with Kasper Harboe

Morning programme on radio P4 with Kasper Harboe

This radio programme is broadcast by DR (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation) on weekdays from 10.00 to 12.00. It is an informative lifestyle programme with approximately 700,000 listeners. Because of the informal tone, DR would like good natural communicators so that the many listeners can learn about subjects that are relevant to the general public in one way or another. However, the framework is wide open as regards the content for discussion. In specific terms, the radio host will talk to a researcher for two to three periods of five minutes each, interspersed with music.

If you would like to talk about your research, please contact journalist and radio host Kasper Harboe directly on +45 87 397 397 or by e-mail to khb@dr.dk.

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