Get your message across – take a course in media training

AU Communication now offers three new courses in media training. Choose the course that best suits your needs.


Be better at getting your message across in the media. Take a course in media training. Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard/AU Communication

Media training 1 is an introduction to the media and the journalist as working partners. You get tips on how to get your message across and good advice about what to do when a journalist calls. You learn inspiring ways about when and how you should communicate. We also talk briefly about crisis communication and where you can get help if bad luck strikes.

Media training 2 is an all-day course where we run through good and not so good examples of appearing in the media. We train you in meeting the journalist, and we go through a number of exercises that should give you more confidence when you appear in the media. We also look at communication principles, as well as media platforms and genres.

Media training 3 is customised to your individual needs. Would you and your colleagues like advice about media training in a specific case? Do you need to get controversial messages across? Would you like to know something about writing feature articles, analyses or other genres? Do you want to prepare a communication plan for a research application? Do you want to work with management communication? There are loads of options for individually designed sessions to meet your communication needs.

Read more about the courses and see how to register (in Danish only)

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